Wellness of Body Opportunities

Wellness of Body Opportunities

These classes and events provide opportunity to help individuals seek “The Way of Christ” with wellness of the body. During the Met-4 Worship Experience, there will be an opportunity to put stones of achievement  in a designated area for set goals in Body Wellness. Body Wellness achievement stones are Copper. This is a time of celebration as we see wholeness through “The Way of Christ.”


 On a Saturday morning in 2011, I, Rev. Dr. Mark Dowell, tipped the scales at almost 250, pounds. I was stressed out and had a horrible diet of fast food and sweets, I went to walk up our home stairs and could barely breathe. A quick doctors visit revealed an astronomical number on my blood pressure. I remember his words clearly, “You need to change your lifestyle or you are stroke bound.” The next day, I hit the hiking trail and have never looked back. The mountains are now my second home and have changed my life forever. I have lost 45 pounds and kept it off for almost 6 years. Hiking transformed not only my life but my soul.

The time spent hiking by myself, with family, and with friends has inspired me to help others become healthy and whole. Hike-O-Therapy and Meta-4 itself all came from ideas on the hiking trail. Hike-O-Therapy will be offered for people to sign up for a hike with me (Dr. Mark). There will be various levels of hikes (Easy, Moderate & Difficult). During the hike, we will have a theme with reflection & discussion elements. It’s time to start moving toward your mind, body and soul goals today.

When is Hike-O-Therapy Available? Days of Week: Saturdays, Times: TBA


Exercise requires physical exertion in order to develop and maintain body fitness.

Reasons You Should Start the Quest to become Physically Fit:

It makes for a happier life, You sleep better, It improves your memory,You are revitalized and energized,The risk of heart disease is reduced, It increases confidence due to achieving set goals, Your body becomes stronger and healthier.

Exercise Classes On-Site

  • Simply Fit Board Exercise Classes: In these classes, you balance on a board and twist from side to side. The benefits include—strengthening muscles, conditioning the body, and improving stability/postural alignment.

When is a Fit Boarding Available? Times: Wednesday nights TBA. Please wear exercise clothing and bring these items:

  • Zumba Classes: Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo.

When is a Zumba Available? Times: Wednesday nights TBA. Please wear exercise clothing and bring these items: