Breaking of the Bread & Giving of the Cup

The earliest movement of Jesus seems to be one of free food and free healing as Jesus and his disciples moved from one place to another sharing the “Good News”. We are told of miraculous stories of bread and fish multiplying to feed the masses gathered. It is around the table that some of life’s most sacred moments endure. We as Agapeist believe that to still hold true. The breaking of the bread and the cup was an act of those who were remembering the touch of the master’s hand and his care for the beauty of life. When we break the bread, and give the cup, we too, are remembering the spirit of love he embodied and it’s presence with us today. It is the coming together of many knowing that we are one. It is the bold act of saying we are not alone but are brothers and sisters in unity committing ourselves to the “Way of Christ”

Baptism Stirring of the Water

In the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, the prophet has a vison of the life process being reversed. The dry bones of skeletal remains are given flesh and blood. The process of baptism is also symbolic of the reversal of nature, one goes from death to life instead of life to death. Baptism is a way that followers can participate in the mystery of “The Way of Christ.” Emerging from the baptismal waters is a metaphor for cleansing, forgiveness and a new beginnings. It is an initiation of becoming part of an Agape spiritual community, while acknowledging that the individual will strive to seek wholeness of mind, body, and soul. Baptism is a sign of new life as the individual embraces his or her faith journey.

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