God is love. God is the ground source of all being and all that is since the beginning of time and before. God is the one and all powerful, wise, creative, mysterious, life force holding together the very fabric of the universe. We are all created in the image of God, both male and female. It is in God that humans live, move, and find meaning as our source of being. In the Agape faith, we believe it is impossible to define the kind of love God has for us in words. Therefore, we will use metaphors to speak of God’s unfathomable love, such as: Breath, Wind, Bread of Life, Wisdom, Light, Love and Spirit.


The Bible is a work of literature composed over several thousand years that is made up of: Prose, Poetry, Historical Narrative, Theology, Mythology, Gospel etc. We believe it is largely a metaphorical representation, wrapped in and around history, in an attempt to express the inexpressible question. How does God work in the stories of common people? We believe the bible is our literary resource to our faith as we find ourselves discovering, in our story, that we are not alone as we participate in this never-ending journey with God.


We do not believe that human beings are born into sin. We believe that we are born innocent. S.I.N. is used in Agapeism as an acronym - Self Inflicted Nonsense. Sin is simply entertaining the insane idea that God’s love is not accessible to you every moment of your life. It is to make the choice of attempting to deny God the opportunity to be the ground source of your decision-making process. We believe that whatever choices are made in life, God’s grace is freely given. God is always extending grace, pulling us towards God and each other so that we can lean into one another and find forgiveness just as God has forgiven us. We can be made new as we extend grace to our world.


We believe that Jesus was God’s representative of wisdom (Sophia) and fully embodied the power of God’s loving spirit. By his spirit left present today, he is our teacher and revealer of “The Way.” Jesus taught us to live a life centered around God that is full of forgiveness and reconciliation. Jesus’ whole life and death was a response of love. We cannot live without love. So, when we speak of Jesus or the Christ we are speaking of that loving spirit of God that was presented in his example available to all. As followers of “The Way of Christ,” we should live a life turning towards God and the love shown in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.


Human beings were created in the image of God. Since God is love ,we believe that humanity was created in that love and is inherently good. Our purpose is to accept the divine working through us and realize that we are to be expressions of God’s love with Jesus as our example. The closer we draw to the source of that spirit of love in our daily lives, the more we will reflect the image we were meant to become. Loving God with all our heart, soul and mind, with expressions of this love to our neighbor is the highest goal of humanity.


Salvation comes in surrendering your life to God, we see revealed in Jesus. Salvation is an ongoing process where we allow God to have God’s way with us. We put away anxiety, fear, anger, and doubt and surrender to the “Mind of Christ” with thoughts of love, peace, harmony, unity and the higher good.



We believe that the soul is a gift from God and is eternal. We believe that eternal life starts now where the present and the future dissolve into the eternal. We begin eternal living not just in the future, but also, in the present. Therefore, Heaven and Hell are not physical places for Agapeist, they are states of mind. To choose to deny the existence of God working in this life, the afterlife, this world or the next, brings forth a life of perceived despair or hell. Understanding that God is working and we can learn from whatever situation we are in and that there is a deeper joy beyond circumstances is what we experience as heaven.

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