Wellness of Mind Opportunities

Wellness of Mind Opportunities

These classes and events provide opportunity to help individuals seek "The Way of Christ" with wellness of the mind. During the Met-4 Worship Experience, there will be an opportunity to put stones of achievement  in a designated area for set goals in Mind Wellness. Mind Wellness achievement stones are White. This is a time of celebration as we see wholeness through "The Way of Christ."

Effective Communication & Bridge Building

Discover how to effectively communicate so that relationships are enhanced and bridges built remain strong and intact. Learn how to deal with conflict and find resolution as one leans into another using “I” statements instead of “You” statement seeking reconciliation and self-growth.

Enhance ones skills at effective truth telling and discover how to self-reflect and help one another towards wholeness. Through effective communication all areas on ones life will be deeply enriched as relating to others becomes easier and the empowerment felt from achieving relationship goals is life-changing.

When is Effective Communication & Bridge Building Available? Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. Start date will be posted and announced

Secrets of a Happier Life

We believe in the deepest recesses of our soul all people truly want to be happy. We tell people all the time, “that happiness is a choice.” They just look at us like we're strange. The “Secrets of Happiness” life group class will delve into modern culture and take a common-sense approach to achieving happiness. This will be inclusive of: How to live in the present, technology fasting, Art, Reflection (breathing & imagination). The class will also be inclusive of several ways to experience more joy in your life.

Moving forward we will have classes on “rebounding” from difficult situations and creating a new mind set of positivity. Most importantly incorporated into all aspects of finding happiness and joy in life will be the ability to find the art of being present in the moment by surrendering to “The Way of Christ” in all things.

When is a Happier Life Available? Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. Start date will be posted and announced


Reimagining Jesus

Who was this man that walked the dusty roads of ancient Palestine. How much do we really know and what does it mean to follow his way? Much of Christian theology is tied to the Apostle Paul’s writings and incorporated with the Gospels. In reimagining Jesus, we will look at what it really means to attempt to follow “The Way of Christ.” This class will use modern scholarship and will invite you to engage with the words of the ancient text in a new way. The purpose of this class is to move from a set of “don’ts and do’s” to a peaceful holistic way of living by loving yourself and your neighbor.

When is Reimagining Jesus Available? Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. Start date will be posted and announced


Marriage Retreats and Seminars

In his book 30 Lessons for Loving Karl Pillimer writes of marriage, “Couples who have made it all the way later into life have found it to be a peak experience, a sublime experience together.” He also explains of the benefits that come from hanging in there by saying, “Everybody-100%-said at one point that the long marriage was the best thing in their life.” Dr. Mark and Rev. Brenda have been married for 27 years and would say they are now experiencing the best years of their life because of hanging in there. Marriage is difficult. No, that needs to be restated. Marriage is extremely difficult. We believe because we have maneuvered the waters successfully we can help you.

What to expect?

Our retreats will be two-day evening events with a meal. There will be hands-on activities to help you and your life partner better understand how to share your spirituality, create a sacred space, communicate, fight fair, set “me” time and cultivate mutual appreciation and respect for each other. The goal is to truly try to understand what each other wants and needs and hold onto the joyful dream of sharing your lives together in this sacred bond.

When are Marriage Retreats and Seminars Available?They are offered at specific times through registration only.


Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling

Spiritual Direction is concerned with how an individual experiences their relationship with God, encourages a deeper union with the Creator, and transforms into the likeness of Christ. This sacred space of Spiritual direction and Pastoral Counseling is a time to talk, listen, and reflect on all the twists and turns of life. Prayer is at the heart of this experience with the real spiritual director being the Holy Spirit. During these sessions, we will pay attention to what God is doing in one’s life in that moment— physically, emotionally, relationally as wells as spiritually, while reflecting on the past, and looking forward to the future.

What to expect?

You will discern the shape of the Spirit working in your life, envision God’s dream for you, hold yourself accountable, develop a deeper spirituality, find support through sharing your journey with a trusted person – a companion to walk with you in discerning what God is doing in your life

When is Spiritual Direction and Counseling Available? These sessions are offered by appointment only.