Meta-4 Worship Experience

 Meta-4 Worship Experience Sundays at 11:00 a.m.

Our Worship Experience is very Unique featuring all genres of music and wisdom teachings to inspire and equip one in “The Way of Christ” giving meaning to "Real Life Situations." The flow of worship will be somewhat like this (but know that it will not always flow the same from Sunday to Sunday): Gathering Music, Welcome & Mission Statement, Centering Ourselves in "The Way of Christ," Song, Greeting, Praise Time, Time for Children, Creative Element, Scripture Reading, Special Music, Lessons for Life, Celebrating Wholeness, and Closing Song

 Celebrating Wholeness Goals

During the Meta-4 Worship Experience, there will be an opportunity to put stones of achievement  in a designated area for set goals in Mind, Body, and Soul Wellness. Mind Wellness achievement stones are White, Body Wellness achievement stones are Copper, and Soul Wellness achievement stones are Blue. This is a time of celebration as we see wholeness through "The Way of Christ."


Infinity Groups - Coming Very Soon

Before Meta-4 Worship, we will offer Infinity Groups that meet at 10 a.m.  These classes begin: TBA

Infinity Groups

 Adult Infinity Groups: These groups are Intergenerational as they dive deeper into wholeness of mind, body, and soul.

Youth Infinity Group: This middle and high school group meet as they seek to transform their lives.



Infinity Groups

 Children Infinity Group: These K-5th grades students learn of God’s love through story, games, cooking, science, & theater.

*Nursery-preschool is provided

We, also,  offer Wednesday Nights Agape Feast and Classes (They will start on September 13th) that includes Dinner and Programming for all ages. For more information go to the Children, Youth, Adult, Young Adult, and Wellness Opportunities sections on this website