Connectedness in Service

The B.R.I.M. (Boldly reaching inner-city ministry)

Reaching out to our community


Our van ministry brings inner-city youth into our spiritual family to share God’s love with them. We give them an opportunity to take classes in Art and Meditation so that they can learn more about themselves and God on their spiritual journey.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers as it begins in the near  future. These are exciting times for Meta-4 and all those young people who will be involved in this wonderful ministry. If you would like to help in this life-changing ministry, please let us know.

Cont...The B.R.I.M. (Boldly reaching inner-city ministry)

Art & Meditation Creates Higher Self Esteem in Youth


Rev. Brenda & Dr. Mark have been doing Art & Meditation with youth for years. The change that has taken place as these young people meditate on sacred scripture and then do charcoal drawing is amazing to watch. Once on a dinner date another couple said to us, “Oh! I bet those kids can’t set still a second and are miserable.”   But they did sit still and even turned off all electronic devices and put them in a box.  They learned to gather in our sacred round circle and seek the wisdom of Jesus through holy silence. The discussion after the prayer time was holy. The youth would speak of their hopes, dreams and difficulties. Bonds were formed that would never be broken.  Art and Meditation has a significant effect of the youth. It changes lives.

Times of Art and Meditation Classes – Time and Date of Classes:TBA—Coming Soon!!!


"R" Rated = Real because addiction isn’t PG (For Adults 18 and over) Coming Soon

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark and I’m an addict in remission. Rev. Brenda and I would like to help you on your journey to wholeness. Meta-4 Church will have a monthly service for those who suffer from addictions of any kind.   It will include a meal, music,  real life message and classes afterward. This program relates to Real life situations . We see this service and classes afterward as a supplement to help and encourage you in obtaining sobriety along with your AA / NA or any other substance abuse/addiction program. Our organization is Christian non-profit but we welcome all people.     

Central High School Ministry

School Supplies


School Supplies

About this Ministry:

At Meta-4, we are partners with Central High to help students. We take up a collection of school supplies at the beginning of each school year and whenever the principal of the high school says there is a need.

List of Main School Supplies:

Binders, paper, graph paper, mechanical pencils, pens, folders, and backpacks.


Cont...Central High Ministry

Coat Drive


Coat Drive

At Meta-4, we know that the winter season can be rough,   so we collect coats for the     students at Central High School that are in need. The Coat Drive takes place in the Fall.


 Care Ministry

The Care Ministry at Meta-4 Involves two ways (Prayer Lambs and Care Buckets) of expressing our love and care for those who are in the hospital, ill, or unable to get about and around because of other heath concerns. We want them to know that they are being lifted up in prayer and surrounded by our love. 

Prayer Lambs

Prayer Lambs are one of the ways for Meta-4 to show its love and care to someone who may be facing a difficult time in his or her life. The lamb is a symbol of   comfort, love, and the forgiving grace of God. Each lamb has been blessed through prayer and has taken in the love of the congregation. The Meta-4 members involved in the Care Ministry are the ones who deliver lambs to those in need, be they friends, family or members.  When delivering the lambs, they encourage the recipient to read the tag which tells of the love behind these lambs.

Care Buckets

Care Buckets are another way for Meta-4 to provide someone in need a bucket full of goodies and other special treats, which brings a little joy to those going through difficult times. These care buckets can, also, be enjoyed by family members and visitors. These buckets are put together by members of Meta-4 who are part of our Care Ministry. They are delivered with smiles and joyful hearts to help lift the spirits of those going through hard times.



Prayer for Healing

Gracious God, I rest underneath your mighty wings of love. I dwell within your gentle heart. I know there is healing in your touch. I can ask for restoration and trust in your goodness. You are my joy, My healer and my friend. I dwell within your gentle embrace.