About Us


In the Greek language, there are three main words used for love in the bible: There is brotherly/sisterly love which is “Philia”, sexual or erotic love which is “Eros”, and God’s unconditional love which is “Agape.” We believe that Christianity has achieved wonderful and beautiful things throughout its history along with some tremendous missteps. What we see now is a need for a change. The Agapeist faith will be based on the teaching of Jesus with a focus on the earliest Gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke. We will provide “Reimagining Jesus” in our Life Group classes offered in small groups during the week. We believe that the earliest teachings of Jesus were about lifestyle and wisdom rather than a system of “do this” and “do that” to be saved. Thus, we will not use the typical religious language that one is accustomed to hearing. We will talk about a total commitment to the “Way of Christ” which is the “Way of Love”

“Everything’s a Meta-4”

The bible and all faiths tell their truth in stories. These stories our painted with powerful metaphoric brush strokes. Therefore, all our churches will be named Meta-4 in the Agapeist faith, for we hold dearly that truth does not come from dogma but finding oneself in the story and a belief in the resiliency of human beings to “Write a New Story.”


Be Part of History in the Making

An Experience Like No Other