Surrendering Ourselves to the "Way of Christ" through Unconditional Love

Meta-4, an Agapeist  Church, encourages you to Write a New Story,

A story where you see yourself in the positive light of God's grace, one where you lift yourself up with empowerment, one where you do the hard work to move yourself to happiness and wholeness living. It is time we all wrote a new story for our lives. Why not make it a life-changing and incredible story, one that you can't stop reading.

At Meta-4, we seek to follow "The Way of Christ"

Following "The Way of Christ" is what we strive to do, each and everyday. The Gospel of Luke's parable of the Great Banquet rings loudly at Meta-4. All are welcome here with no judgement. We see everyone as created by God and we embrace the love that God has for all people and every living thing. We are to care for one another and care for the earth we have been blessed with.

In this new denomination, we are called Agapeists.

Agapists strive to follow the Great Commandment to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We think it is time for something new in faith walking. The “4” in Meta-4 stands for the four basic principles upon which this new Christian denomination (AGAPEISM) is founded. These basics can be known by a simple acronym, S.O.U.L.

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All Are Welcome

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